Sustainability & Resiliency Operations

  • Clean Energy & Environmental Engineering and Stewardship
  • Continuity of Operations, Emergency Preparedness, Policy and Risk Assessments
  • IT Support, Training and Cloud Infrastructure Hosting
  • Professional and Technical Staff Augmentation

Understanding how climate management and resiliency in operations is important in protecting your critical infrastructure and operational efficiencies. BCV has the broad expertise to assist you identify, mitigate, strategically plan and manage various impacts and unforeseen events to protect your organization’s assets and value. These significant impacts include the unforeseen vulnerabilities from climate change, operational, or man-made disasters, or risk from significant policy changes.

BCV has the proven expertise in identifying, accounting and reporting on direct and indirect energy producing sources of Greenhouse Gas emissions in accordance with the Federal Guidelines for GHG emissions reporting using World Resources Institute Guidelines, for scopes 1, 2 & 3. Our firm performed such services for both the US Department of Labor’s over 125 Job Corps residential & training campuses nationwide, as well as, the Headquarters of the US Department of Transportation.

At the US Department of Transportation’s Headquarters, BCV performed compliance updates to the Federal Highway Administration’s Continuity of Operations Planning documents in accordance with FEMA Federal Continuity Directive-1 and the FEMA Continuity Evaluation Tool.

Business impact and accurate risk assessments are key to unlocking opportunities to improve operational resiliency and ensure greater bottom-line results. At the 18th largest county public school system, BCV delivered the framework to improve the methodologies the school system used in analyzing business impacts and risk mitigation from unseen and unexpected technology, operation and energy-related disasters.

BCV has the capability to deliver solutions in Emergency Preparedness, Training, Exercising, and Hazards Mitigation, as demonstrated in several projects for federal, state, municipal, tribal and military organizations. Added to this expertise, includes BCV’s past performance in developing US Department of Labor’s (Office of Job Corps) first Strategic Sustainability Implementation Plan in compliance with federal mandates, providing sustainability policy analysis, and sustainability curriculum development and training framework.