about Avis Bell Avis Y. Bell
Co-Founder, Executive Vice-President, Chief Technical Engineer
Avis Bell serves as BCV’s Executive-Level Chief Technical Engineer, responsible for managing the firm’s overall effectiveness and continuous quality assurance of its technical solutions for its public, academic and private customers. Since co-founding the company, Avis has overseen the successful growth, coordination and synergy of BCV’s multi-disciplinary expertise in energy engineering, water engineering, software engineering and resiliency planning. With over 15 years to include electrical, electronics and energy engineering, and systems and software engineering experience, Avis’ broad technical and business management experience helps to establish the technical direction for the firm’s technical team, consultants and strategic alliance partners and monitors the execution of its solutions and deliverables. She has been instrumental in guiding the firm’s solutions employing smart controllers, intelligent building systems and devices, and various networking technologies.
Prior to co-founding the firm in 2004, Avis held several lead technical positions in electrical and systems engineering, software testing, and application support with Honeywell, Siemens, Computer Sciences Corporation, and at the US Department of Navy and the US Department of Agriculture.
Avis holds a B.S. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Capital College, and several certifications in Digital Technical Integration (DHTI+), Microsoft Systems Engineering and Cisco Networking technologies. She is also a graduate of minority entrepreneurial education at the Graduate Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University.