Applied Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Real-time Enterprise IoT Data Collection, Monitoring & Visualization
  • Energy, Environmental, & Health Analytics and Network Analysis
  • Full-Life Cycle Software Development and Systems Engineering & Legacy Systems Integration
  • Data Science Curriculum and Education
  • Thought-Leadership in Data Management Compliance, AI, and Derived Customer-Value

BCV Solutions won a $4 million 8(a) sole-source award and developed the first-ever, comprehensive Internet-of-Things (“IoT”) big data analytics solutions that seamlessly captured metered energy and environmental data from over 45,000 wireless and smart utility meters and environmental sensors transmitted simultaneously from hundreds of affordable multi-family and mixed-use properties nationwide over the internet to BCV’s cloud-based infrastructure for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Affordable Housing Preservation.

BCV developed a real-time solution using Machine Learning modeling and visualization and Energy & Environmental Engineering to improve predictions of electric, water and fuel consumption, identify anomalous usage and behavior patterns, forecast peak demand, IoT device maintenance and capture GIS data for HUD’s nationwide portfolio of energy conservation measures implemented over a multi-year period.

In evaluating the financial and operational impact to the agency for its investments in green rehabilitation projects for its affordable properties, BCV delivered best practices data management in its approach to assuring data compliance, security and value while capturing, processing, analyzing and reporting disparate sources of data that provided decision-makers with clear and executable actions.

BCV’s deployment of its proprietary interval energy data collection/monitoring, analytics and visualization solution that reported real-time energy and IoT device operational data to the BCV cloud-infrastructure on energy and environmental consumption patterns from 45,000 IoT meters across HUD’s affordable properties portfolio nationwide. BCV collected, processed, analyzed and reported on tremendous volumes of utility and portfolio data throughout HUD’s sweeping enterprise, employing algorithms for predictive, clustering, anomalous patterns and other machine learning models. BCV developed real-time, interactive, and impactful dashboards and mobile applications customized for HUD executives and other stakeholders. HUD’s assessment of BCV’s superlative performance, exceeding satisfactory standards and implementing an innovative, nationwide energy data collection, analytics and visualization solution. BCV’s expertise in developing human-valued data science algorithms, AI bots, network analysis, actuarial and statistical modeling tools including the use of Python, R, Java, Spark, Azure, Matlab, SQL, Tableau, and D3.js.

BCV developed its own proprietary and comprehensive Accelerated DB2-Oracle Database Migration & Modernization Toolbox to assist organizations automate and reduce their manual level of efforts associated with DB2 to Oracle database migrations and conversions. BCV’s proven software tools include an easily customizable executive dashboard and mobile application that provides real-time viewing and analytics on the ongoing status of the DB2 to Oracle migration and modernization processes for effective service delivery in Agile or Waterfall development environments.