Data Analytics, Legacy Systems Modernization & Cybersecurity

One of the most important aspects of big data is being able to capture, process, analyze and visualize critical data as it is happening in real-time to facilitate timely, executable management decisions. With big data analytics, you can implement focused data mining, perform predictive analytics, anomalies handling, multi-variable mining and modeling.

Whether our customer’s data is structured or unstructured, collected from various sources, e.g., sensor networks, flat files, or from other database systems, one of the important challenges in big data analytics is the expertise in capturing, processing, monitoring, analyzing and visualizing in real-time.

BCV developed the first-ever, cloud-based, proprietary, comprehensive utility data collection, real-time monitoring, analytics and modeling of metered energy consumption and environmental data captured from 45,000+ meters and smart sensors in over 350 affordable multi-family properties nationwide for the US Department of Housing & Urban Development. BCV’s enterprise-wide energy analytics and reporting data warehouse incorporated over three trillion energy data records was viewed via an intuitive executive dashboard.

Our firm solved the Agency’s requirements to determine and verify economic benefits derived from targeted energy conservation and efficiency measures implemented on the Agency’s nationwide portfolio of various Multi-Family and Mixed-Use properties, each unique in its location, building characteristics, energy conservation measures, energy consumption baselines, utility peak demand and indoor air quality profiles.

BCV’s developed enterprise-wide database platform was customized to HUD’s specific requirements, vendor-neutral with an open-architecture that delivered comprehensive solutions supported by its real-time utility data collection, monitoring, validation, normalization, extrapolation, pre- and post-green comparison modeling & forecasting efforts which provided extensive financial, climate impacts and IAQ analytics.

BCV developed its own proprietary and comprehensive Accelerated DB2-Oracle Database Migration & Modernization Toolbox to assist organizations automate and reduce their manual level of efforts associated with DB2 to Oracle database migrations and conversions. BCV’s proven software tools include an easily customizable executive dashboard and mobile application that provides real-time viewing and analytics on the ongoing status of the DB2 to Oracle migration and modernization processes for effective service delivery in agile environments.

BCV’s Cybersecurity experience includes multiple subcontractor awards to perform Certification & Accreditation and Systems Security Planning & Monitoring to ensure compliance with ICD503, FIPS 199, FISMA, OMB Guidance for High Value Assets, and alignment with NIST & DIACAP Risk Management Frameworks.